What is ControlEverything.com?

IoT Made Easy

ControlEverything.com manufacturers hundreds of plug-and-play hardware devices for IoT applications such as Current Monitors, FET Drivers & Relay Controllers and much more! And they work with your favorite platform so you have the freedom to choose how you control them too!

See How It Works

Quick demo of some of the products we offer, how they work with your favorite platform, and how they can be linked together to become even more powerful!

It's Time to Take Control.

At ControlEverything.com we focus on I²C communications , and we are dedicated to developing the I²C framework to encompass a well-rounded set of peripherals and shields for today’s most important computing platforms.


Browse our extensive line of sensors. Everything you need to monitor energy, gas, acceleration, light, pressure, temperature, humidity, water/moisture, vibration, proximity and a growing list of many others!


Control is the name of the game and we have you covered with Digital to Analog Converters, High Current FET Drivers, Digital Potentiometers, Relay Controllers, Light Dimmers and much more!


Whether you need Power Supplies, Cables, or Key Fobs, our accessories help you customize our devices specifically for your needs.

Iot Motherboards

IoT Motherboards expand the capabilities of your favorite IoT platform. These boards don’t even require I2C cables. Just plug your device straight into the socket of an IoT Motherboard and your dream project or prototype becomes a reality.

Commercial and Industrial

Our products are just as comfortable in industrial I/O environments as well. Control pumps, valves, motors, solenoids, lights, and relays on an industrial level.

Into Smart Home Automation?

CE carries hundreds of devices which allow you to monitor & control temperature, humidity, energy consumption, gas levels, and more to take control of your home environment.

With No Soldering!

All of our products have two I²C input/output ports so you can chain multiple devices together as you need. No soldering required!

Go With What You Know!

CE supports all major platforms such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Onion, Beaglebone, ESP8266, WiPy, and many others so you can choose how you want to control.

Easy Enough for Everyone

Designed for makers, schools, scientists, software developers, engineers, and people with no soldering skills.





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